Monday, August 11, 2008

Board Book Project

Trish has started us all on a board book project. She is giving us step by step instructions to follow - and it is very interesting to see how they are all turning out. Step one including finding a childs board book and prepping it for paints, by sanding and applying gesso to all of the pages. Then we had to paint the background of the first two page spread blue. Next we were to go through a magazine and tear out a piece that would cover 25% of one side of the pages and adhere in our book. I used gel medium to attach the piece. We then took some watered down gesso and lightly brushed over and around that piece. Using a credit card and black paint, we were then told to create criss cross lines over the pages, but not over the piece from the magazine. Again using some watered down gesso, using a sponge, we we told to blot it on, covering some of the black lines, but not all. The final instruction of step one was to paint a bold, thin, white strip somewhere across one page, vertically or horizontally. Below is a scan of my first step:

Instructions for Step two were to water down the same blue paint used to create the background until it was a glaze like consistency and brush completely over both pages. Using this same blue glaze, we were also told to rip some pages out of a book and apply over them, saving to use later on in the board book project. After the glaze had dried in our books - we were to stamp in light metallic green a bold image three times on our pages. I used a large diamond pattern and green lumiere paint. We were then told to find a letter stencil and use black paint to sponge through it somewhere on one of the pages. I used the letter "K". Af ter this was all dry, the next instruction was to water down some black acrylic paint and brush completely over both pages, after which we rubbed most back off with a dry paper towel, creating a light stain. Next we sponged a grungy border around the entire outside of the two pages. After this we were told to tear a page from a book, rip it to the desired width and attach it vertically to one side of our spread. I again used gel medium to adhere it. The final instruction for Step two was to outline our stencil letter with white - I used my Signo Uniball pen!! Below is my scan of Step Two:

We have received our final set of instructions for this spread in our board book. Step 3 involved finding a quote we liked that began with the letter we stenciled on our page. Well, I decided to be "K"reative with this . . . LOL . . . . just can't quite help myself! We were told to print this out in a font we like and cut out each individual word and adhere to our page. Next we were to find a main image that would compliment our choosen quote. I love Teesha Moore and have some of her collage sheets. I choose my image from one of those sheets. We were then to layer this image on black card stock and adhere to our pages. The final instruction is this final step was to find 3 complimentary silver charms and adhere in a row on our pages. Below is my scan of my finished two page spread.

Ready for our next two page spread!

Step one instructions had us draw a wavy line across both pages - closer to the bottom than the top. We were then told to paint the top BRIGHT orange and the bottom lime green.

Step Two instructions

Paint a wavy red line where the orange meets the green and let dry. Meanwhile tear a page from a paperback and cover it with a light coat of gesso. Let dry. Cut into thin strips and attach to the green, leaving approximately the same amount of thickness of your strips in between. Using a pencil eraser we were then told to make dots using gesso in the orange area and let dry.

The final set of instructions had us use a very light brown stain over our entire two page spread and allow to dry. We then drew flowers on scrap paper and cut out flowers from three different background papers. Alternating which color was on top for each one and affix a brad in the center and glue on pages.

We then found a quote, printed and glued to the pages. The final instruction was to finish it off how we choose.

Because my quote was by Lady Bird Johnson, I decided to add a pair of birds and then outlined the words. I wanted to keep them bright white to jump out!
I forgot to take step by step pictures of our 3rd page spread. Below is the finished page. The first step was to take multiple scraps and adhere them to both sides, filling all spaces. I followed that with a light wash of gesso to blend all the scraps together. Next we were to use gold embossing powder and sprinkle over both sides and heat it. I then stamped on a piece of masking tape and adhered it to the left side. I then created a heart using UTEE and burgundy embossing powder - I poured the heated UTEE onto the same stamp I used on the masking tape and used some gold rub n buff to highlight. I attached the heart over a piece of blue mesh to match some of the blue of my scraps. I next found a quote, printed, cut out, adhered to the left side and outlined in black. Ta da . . . . FINISHED!!

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