Sunday, October 14, 2007

Adrienne and Debra

Just finished spending a wonderful 3 day weekend with "internet" friends I met in person for the very first time! Adrienne is a co-moderator with us on CCSwaps and a few other groups and was able to come and play with us for two weeks - and Debra is also a member of these groups. Debra and her husband Danny drove from Ohio to spend the weekend with all of us (Chrissy, Bob, Maggi, Adrienne and I) and it was just GREAT - although not long enough!! Unfortunately, the rest of my family couldn't enjoy the company because Luke was in a soccer tournament all weekend :(
Maggi, Chrissy, Adrienne, Pea - after a shopping trip to Stamping Jazzy Style in Madison, WI - and then lunch.

The gang at Chrissy's house: Chrissy, Debra, Maggi, Adrienne, and me, Pea (as well as our four-legged girlfriend, Molly!)

Another shot, new view :)
Out on our boat trip on Phantom lake: Chrissy, Pea, Debra and Adrienne - it was a bit cool, but
that didn't stop us from having a great time!
Chrissy's husband, Bob at the wheel and Debra's husband, Danny!

Chatting in Chrissy's kitchen, Adrienne and Debra!

Maggi is keeping everyone entertained!

Getting brunch ready!!! (Notice the WINE and Pea's BLUE VODKA!!)

Enjoying a WONDERFUL brunch created by Chrissy!!
Maggi, Pea being silly and Adrienne - at my office where the gals came to go out to lunch!
You gotta LOVE the expression on Maggi's face :0)
Okay, Pea playing nice!

Maggi, Chrissy and Adrienne

Debra spearheaded the lovely "Queen Pea" surprise and Adrienne was her right hand for the project. Below are some pictures of us from the weekend! ENJOY :)
Bowing before the Queen - even Molly bowed (HONEST!)

Group shot! Adrienne, Maggi, Queen Pea, Debra and Chrissy