Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bird, Bird, Bird, Birds the Word Swap

I am hosting a bird swap on CCSwaps and decided to try my hand at some more painting. I started out by applying gesso to my canvas board. Next I added some blue, green, pink and blue acrylic paints to the background, using a glossy scrunched magazine page to blot it around until I was happy. I had a nest that I knew I wanted to use, so my idea was to paint a bird that was flying, but sort of coming in for a landing in the nest. Believe me, the image in my head was PERFECT . . . . LOL! I used a pencil to draw a bird outline and then used my Shiva Paintstiks to color it in. I only have the primary set of colors, so I was a bit limited in what I could do (sounds like an excuse, doesn't it . . . . . ) I used a small flourish on two corners with pearl metallic acrylic paint and found the words to Mary Poppins "Feed the Birds" and cut out some select lines - adhered to canvas with gel medium, added the nest. Next I sponged some blue ink on the edges. I showed it to my youngest son, who said "It's okay Mom, birds are really hard to draw". I guess that said it all:
I scanned and showed it to my fellow moderators and one of my VERY good friends, Chrissy, said (and I JUST love this . . . . . . )

"I am impressed!!! That is a pretty good bird. I think the wings and tail are good, but there is something about its neck (do birds have necks??). My first impression is it is too fat. I'm trying to picture it with a skinnier neck, but can't tell if that will make it better. Cool bird's nest!!! What are you planning to use this for??"

So diplomatic . . . . obviously not wanting to hurt my feelings, points out the good parts first, is VERY curious about it's neck, tries to give some sound advice (without saying BIN IT!), focuses in on the birds nest (the only thing I DIDN'T make) and might be just a bit worried that I am going to send it to her!!! ROFL!!!


So . . . . last night I got out my GESSO (my new best friend!) and lathered it over the entire canvas - taking care around the nest as it was already FIRMLY attached!!! Can't live without my E6000!!

I started again, using the same process, revised my drawing, used a different flourish stamp, lost one line from "Feed the Birds" (didn't fit properly) and below is the new scan. While I like the bird much better, I don't care for the background as much as the first time. I "think" it is done . . . . Suggestions and comments are welcome, I have thick skin :)


chrissy said...

That's it!!!! It really looks life like now! So it wasn't that the neck was too just needed a little curve to it. And you actually added more thickness, but that would work because that is the breast of the bird!
Love it!!!

Rena Sawatski said...

Pea, I think you have done a great job. Like you I do prefer the first background more, but I guess that is part of the art process when we want to correct things. Believe me I know!!!

I think your partner will be pleased with it.