Thursday, September 13, 2007

Art Quest Challenge

Trish is challenging us again! I needed to make another sketchbook - and to do this I cut 140 lb watercolor paper into 7" X 9" pages and punched them in my rubicoil binder.
That done, I was ready to begin with the first challenge -
the 3 Step Challenge!!
We had to use something to create "texture" - then a "binder" to adhere it to our pages, and lastly "color". Below is what I create to this point. I used cheese cloth (1 thickness) to create my texture. My binder was Elmer's Glue. I used water color sprays by Stamp Zia for my color.

I went through my vast supply of images to see what I wanted to do on these pages - and here is the start. I cut out the woman image and a bunch of koi, along with the saying and adhered to the pages. I then sprayed them with Gold Webbing Spray - and I must say that made a huge difference. It took the pages from having very sharp and definite contrast - to something that is much more "together". When I finish these completely, I will upload the final scan.

Queen Pea ? ? ? ?

I was given the surprise of my life by my friends from my chunky book swaps! I was surprised during a summer get-together at Chrissy's house by two very sneaky, sneaky friends, representing the whole group, Chrissy and Maggi!! As a thank you for my time during the past couple of years hosting chunky books, Debra C asked the moderators of CCSwaps what they thought about creating a chunky book for ME! They formed a group called PeaPoddies and the Moderators of CCSwaps; Trish, Adrienne, Pauline, Bren, Helen, Chrissy and Maggi, along with fearless leader, Debra invited all those who have been in past swaps of mine to the group to join the group and create a page for the surprise chunky books. After some trials and tribulations - the fearless leaders created another group titled, PeaPoddies Moddies to discuss any "issues" that arose . . . . . . OMG - it still makes me laugh! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! They worked on this for months - and I was none the wiser!!! Some friends!! During the afternoon, while relaxing and drinking some wine, Chrissy and Maggi brought out a big wicker basked filled with gifts wrapped in tissue ? ? ? They had already given me my birthday gifts - so I had NO idea what they were up to. And so it began, my Royal Coronation . . . . . I am quite fortunate to have such great friends! Chrissy's husband, Bob, videotaped the entire thing, which is good because I was so blown away, I didn't remember it all . . . . LOL . . . . . take a peek at my day . . .

Prior to the festivities - on Chrissy's paddle boat with my eldest son, Jacob

After they walked out with the basket, crown, sceptre, sash, etc. . . . Do I look just a tad bit confused . . .

Working on adjusting the crown:

Almost got it:

Ta Da!!! (At this point, I still think Maggi and Chrissy are having fun with my birthday, little did I know . . )

Have crown, sash, sceptre (all created by Chrissy and Maggi) and wine, ready for the fun . . . .

OMG - it is starting to sink in . . . . . Chrissy is ready the royal proclamation:

Basket containing not one, not two, but THREE chunky books!

Bag of additional goodies, along with the crown, treasure box and scroll:

Treasure box! The note inside reads: Gold for Queen Pea . . . . . Please accept this small token from your loyal subjects. We truly appreciate the time, effort and love that you've put into the many chunky books. This gold should be spent on something for yourself!

All the goodies together:

After just a bit of wine and fun - Queen Pea was having some trouble with the crown - and don't you love how I am wearing the sash . . . LOL

Absolutely NO alcohol involved, yeah right!!

Here are the marvelous chunky books. Each page is in the shape of a crown - I can only imagine how much time and thought went into each and every page in these books!! Covers shown are all by the infamous TRISH BEE! Not only are all of my friends featured in these books - but there are two surprises!! One is a gorgeous page by none other than NANCY CURRY and the other is a tag by TIM HOLTZ - autographed to ME and everything!!!! Thanks to Debra Cochran!!

Top view:

This was a day that I will remember for the rest of my life. Never in my wildest imagination could I have thought that anyone would do something like this for ME! I am truly humbled by it all!!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Doodle ATC

I joined Bren's Doodle ATC swap! I couldn't wait to get started. When I joined we needed to use a stamp somewhere on the card - so I started by stamping the word "ART". I had no idea where I was going from there - and this is what evolved.